Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi


Awami league is the killer of 30,000 (thirty thousand) Mukti-juddas

Awami league is a fascist party. They stop Bangladeshi democracy by form the BAKSAL. Awami RAKKI BAHINI killed 30,000(thirty thousand) Mukti-judda (freedom-fighters) in their BAKSAL rule (1972-1975).Why they not ask about judgments of the killers of Mukti-judda (freedom-fighters). Awami league demand they are the party of Mukti-judder chetona! Those Mukti-judda (freedom-fighters) was killed by Awami RAKKI BAHINI not the son of Adam.

Help us to catch him....

একে ধরিয়ে দিন!

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