Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi


Happy hour of an unhappy nation...

চাল নিয়ে চালবাজী

Living in Bangladesh, I’ve witnessed devastating floods. I know how powerful the force of water can be. Living in US, I’ve experienced few hurricanes.

Development ministers urge action on food prices

By Lesley Wroughton  Sun Apr 13, 2:28 PM ET

Development ministers from around the globe on Sunday called for urgent action to stem soaring food prices, warning that social unrest will spread unless the cost of basic staples is contained.

World Bank President Robert Zoellick and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown have said the issue of skyrocketing food prices needs to be front and center at the highest political level in every country, and Brown said he would raise it at meetings of the Group of Eight powerful nations.