Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi


She cried when she faced justice.

She laughed when she ordered her hooligans to torch buses and burn the passengers alive. She got a thrill when she ordered her hooligan followers to lynch people. She ordered her hooligans to call hartals while she flew to her children leaving behind millions of wage earners without the day’s wage and probably the day’s food for their families. All these for the cause of her beloved Bangladesh!

Her beloved Bangladesh does not have a hospital capable of treating her allergy, hypertension. She is hell bent coming to America with her battle cry Joy Bangla.
The Orlando Ear, Nose and Throat Associates at 5830 Lake Underhill Road, Orlando, Florida 32807, is the only clinic in the world that can fix her hearing aid. A clinic of 4 doctors is the only clinic in the world that has the medical equipment suitable for her.

She fooled Bangladeshi people for a long time. Now, the long arm of law put her in the right place to face justice. She led a party, which disgraced this land of Bangladesh. Bangladesh will not forgive her.

She is Hasina Wazed.

Carmel, California

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