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It would perhaps border on wishful thinking to judge Sheikh Hasina and Awami League just on the basis of her spur-of-the-moment brash comments on just one occasion. I beg to differ with the conclusion on her being courageous: she could plausibly have spoken out with the confidence that the 1/11 change was due to her and Awami League and that army/DGFI were beholden and obliged to her, and would therefore let her be. Mind you, she was acting as the prima Donna after 1/11 when BNP and Begum Khaleda Zia were under the cosh.

Please consider the following facts:

1. General Khaled Mosharraf staged an abortive coup d’etat in favor of the Awami League in 1975;

2. General Manzoor staged an abortive coup d’etat in favor of the Awami League in 1981, killing General Ziaur Rahman;

3. General Ershad ousted BNP’s Sattar government in 1982 by a military take-over in favor of the Awami League;

4. Sheikh Hasina, Rashed Mosharraf and his mother brought out a procession on the streets of Dhaka in 1982 welcoming General Ershad’s military take-over that had ousted an elected government;

5. Sheikh Hasina and Awami League made an alliance with Ershad and his Jatiyo Party and participated in the 1986 elections and gave legitimacy to Ershad’s military regime, though Sheikh Hasina had earlier declared that anyone participating in the 1986 elections under General Ershad would be branded as “Jatiyo Be’Iman”;

6. Awami League, Jamaat, JSD and the Jatiyo Party joined hands in castigating BNP in the political wilderness;

7. Begum Khaleda Zia and BNP alone initiated a 9-year movement from 1982 to 1990 against Ershad’s military regime, until his dictatorship crumbled in 1990 (Sheikh Hasina and Awami League were Ershad’s partners in parliament from 1986 to 1990);

8. Sheikh Hasina sought out octogenarian Professor Golam Azam and Jamaat and formed an alliance with them in the 1991 elections against BNP;

9. When BNP won the 1991 Elections, Sheikh Hasina/AL-Jamaat alliance boycotted the parliament;

10. General Nasim’s abortive coup d’etat in 1996, instigated by Captain (retired) Taj of Awami League, was intended for the benefit of the Awami League;

11. Dr. Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir’s civil service coup (”Janatar Mancha”) against the sitting BNP Government in 1996 was in favor of the Awami League, and he was later rewarded by Sheikh Hasina when he was made state minister under the Awami League government of 1996;

12. Sheikh Hasina and Awami League claimed credit for the emergency and 1/11 change, and went en masse and attended the oath-taking ceremony of the CTG;

13. Captain (retired) Taj of Awami League went public on Channel I “Trityo Matra” on May 9, 2007 and proposed that there be an alliance between the Awami League and the army/CTG to bring Awami League to win the next Elections and form government, and Awami League would legitimize all acts and deeds of the Army and CTG under the emergency of 1/11;

14. Sheikh Hasina is the only political leader in the current crop who had declared “Ektar badale doshta lash fele dibo”;

15. Under Sheikh Hasina’s baton and leadership Md. Nasim, Home Minister, had staged a “Laathi Michhil” against the High Court in 1997;

16. Sheikh Hasina alone and Awami League only have such unconstitutional and undemocratic campaigns: “Jalao-Porao”, “Aborodh”, “Loggi and Baitha Michhil” and “Shara Desh Achal kore Dibo” (no other political Party in Bangladesh has ever been recorded or reported to have such destructive programs)!

17. Dr. Kamal Hossain, an ex-Awami League minister, and Awami League’s Barrister Roknuddin Mahmud and Barrister Amirul Islam led the vandalism of the chamber of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in October 2007;

18. According to economists Sheikh Hasina’s “Aborodh”, “Shara Desh Achal kore dibo” and “Loggi, Baitha Michhil” in October 2007 alone cost the Bangladesh economy Taka 200.00 billion!

19. Sheikh Hasina and Awami League continually smear and denigrate Bangladesh by making anti-Bangladesh statements abroad and by circulating anti-Bangladesh propaganda to ambassadors and diplomatic missions (Sheikh Hasina furnished a printed anti-Bangladesh tirade to president Bill Clinton when he had visited Bangladesh;

20. Sheikh Hasina and Awami League vilified and smeared the parliament, high court, supreme court and the election commission, and also simultaneously undertaking a hate-campaign against the offices of the president and chief election commissioner, thereby eroding the foundations and fundamentals of democracy and a democratic polity (Sheikh Hasina did not even spare her own nominated President Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed)!So much for Sheikh Hasina upholding democracy and practicing democratic norms and behaviors. Give it a second thought before reaching hasty conclusions or jaundice-eyed postmortems.


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