Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Awami league is the killer of 30,000 (thirty thousand) Mukti-juddas

Awami league is a fascist party. They stop Bangladeshi democracy by form the BAKSAL. Awami RAKKI BAHINI killed 30,000(thirty thousand) Mukti-judda (freedom-fighters) in their BAKSAL rule (1972-1975).Why they not ask about judgments of the killers of Mukti-judda (freedom-fighters). Awami league demand they are the party of Mukti-judder chetona! Those Mukti-judda (freedom-fighters) was killed by Awami RAKKI BAHINI not the son of Adam. We saw some so called sushil somaz are telling in the public meetings Mukti-juddara Jatir Sresto sontan (freedom-fighters are the best & respectable son for the country (?).Why they are not demanding for the judgments of the Awami RAKKI BAHINI killers of Mukti-juddas? How can the Awami RAKKI BAHINI  leader Tofael Ahamed dancing by the name of politics & by the name of  Mukti-judder chetona.In 37 years Awami league is joking with the issue of Razakar-Mukti Judda.If they want the judgments of war criminals of 1971, how can 195 Pakistani army officers of listed war criminals, 93,000 Pakistani armies were free? Those all held in fount of Mukti-judda (freedom-fighters).Hopeless Mukti-judda (freedom-fighters) can’t done any thing only respect a leader Muzib.He was the great leader for the Mukti-judda (freedom-fighters).He promised with the peoples & Mukti-juddas (freedom-fighters) we will rebuild the country(Evarer songram Desh gorar Songram). Bangladesh will be the people republic, socialist & democracy (Chittagong polo ground-1972). Bangladeshi publics were war for democracy. But what we saw in 1973 election? That time also Muzib is name of Bangladeshi publics, they were ready support him & his party members. May be some where in Bangladesh oppositions can get support, he & his Government strongly stopped publics demand. They (publics) can’t elected their supporting members [NAP (Mozaffar) NAP (Bahsani), JSD & Communist party is the witness of those elections)] how can they loosed by force. NAP leader Bahsani told Muzib emon adormo corona, Itihash tomakee dikkar debe (Muzib not do illegal, history will not excused you).Tiris lac manush gonotontrer jonno jibon diase ebabe gonotntro dongso koruna [(3 millions of publics were died for the democracy please don’t destroy it) the weekly Khutba by Moulana A.K.Bashani].After form the BAKSAL Muzib put last nails in the coffin of democracy. Every one knows about the famine of -1974, 2 laces peoples were died without food. From that time corruption started in Bangladeshi history, Muzib told with regret every one get mine of oils or gold but I (Muzib) get mine of thieves. The thieves are surrounding me, that’s the reality of the BAKSALIS.For that reason U.S.forein minister Henry Kissinger told Bangladesh is a bottomless Basket. History proved the democracy is not safe by Awami league; Bangladeshi publics are now forgetting to read someone’s history now they will make a new history. They are dreaming for a new Bangladesh, which will be free from uneducated, corruptions, political violence, and poorness, with democracy & economically strong, a country. They are united; they hate Awami theory divide & rules, cheat the peoples by the name of secularism which is they also not trust. There is 95% publics are Muslims in Bangladesh, secularism is immovable in this country. The peoples are pious but they respect other religious, their religious bond is strong.


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