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Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Our runaway brides...... Where are they?

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Saptahik 2000 recently published an article on the whereabouts of our runaway brides. Read the attachment!

After many years an old hindi song came to my mind...... "Bachke rehna re Baba, Bachke rehna re..."!


hey mate

how you been? good to hear from you....


hello Bro,

me doing good for the moment. how have you been? like me, you seem to have gone quiet recently. keep us posted...



Taking timeout....sometime I find it sickening to death to see educated people talking idiots. Worthless to debate with them and I loose my patience and interest...where are you, in Perth?

Red and Green

It's a long time I haven't seen you in E-mela forum.Is everything OK for you?
Wish a smooth journey of life and see you regularly either in e-mela or AB.Thanks brother--



Amzad Bhai,

Good to hear from you!

Life has been eventful during the last few months with the subsequent changes in job and relocation to interstate.

Like bro WD, I'm taking time-out from the forums. Waiting for the day when the dreams of the die-hards will be put in the drains after the coming election.

I guess we should rather go ahead making the AB a more lively and constructiive discussions site.



I feel the same and doubt if anything will get into the heads of these stupid people. Some of them pretend that they understand but, given the right moment they will come out of their shell. It's futile to go into discussions with them and try to make them understand.

I have a close friend who was a die-hard. After the changes in weather, he joined the reform bandwagon. Surprisingly, when the funny lady was sent to US, he returned back to his die-hard character. Didn't take me much time to understand that it was just a camouflage.


Cancer....cancer and nothing but killer cancer! It's truly painful to see our educated part living in civilized societies uphold the moral of born thieves....and they spend most of their after-work hours screwing around never ending BD brawls (politics). Only miracle can save our sick souls...

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