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28 charged with Aug 21 attack

Wed, Jun 11th, 2008 9:41 pm BdST
Dhaka, June 11 ( – The investigating officer of the August 21 grenade attack Wednesday formally charged 28 people with links to the incident.

Fazlul Kabir, senior assistant superintendent (CID) of police, submitted the chargesheet to the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate's Court for Dhaka.

Former BNP deputy minister for education Abdus Salam Pintu and banned militant group Harkatul Jihad leader Mufti Hannan were among the people charged.

Six people have been dropped from the chargesheet, as two of them died and four could not be traced.

In the grisly attack, more than 20 people died in 2004 during the BNP-led coalition government when the Awami League organised an anti-terrorism rally in front of the party headquarters on Bangabandhu Avenue. Hasina narrowly escaped the attacks.

The Awami League then blamed the attacks on the BNP-led four-party coalition that denied the allegations. hours

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