Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Sharing of experience of staying abroad

Bangladeshi origin people from around the world are participating here. It would be nice if we  share our experience ( amusing , funny or bitter) of staying abroad.

I agree

We need to share our experiences. It can be education, job, travel, sports, relationship etc. related. Also, we can share photos of places we have already been.

Good idea, but

In reference to your nicely solicited urge, I like to take back our readers to old e-mela message board. In the mist of ugly and sometime nonsense political encounters, I tried to infuse some fresh air with my travel story all over the world. Some of the so-called elite writers found those stories as overwriting factors of their efforts. One of the contributors couldn't digest my writings and slammed with ugliest words humanly possible. Horrendous jealousy screwed him to go that level from where he surfaced as HOGA CHODA. This is how our mentality functions.

Let's start a fresh begging and share our daily life. I appreciate your initiative.

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