Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

My 7 days in NYC

Bangladeshi taxi drivers stuffed their stomachs with food in Alauddin in J Hts and Ghoroa in 169th St. of Jamaica after the end of their night shift. Tired and ready to hit their beds, I did not hear them talking politics. I guess their hard NYC lives gave a silent message, "it's economy, stupid."

I overheard few Bangladeshi people talking about the arrested political leaders over cups of tea. The restaurant owners are tolerant to these types of customers who occupy the tables with just tea. After all, at dinner time they will buy their regular dinner from Alauddin and Ghoroa. So, why bother these captive customers? Capitalism is working very well in Jackson Heights.

Alauddin got few citations and was heavily fined few times by the NYC health department due to their unhygienic food handling. I saw a young food handler behind the counter throwing away a broken piece of Bengali sweet in the garbage because it was not presentable. I guess, Bengalis work well when rules and punishment are well defined.

I did not see any political slogans, any political gathering. Bangladeshi media seem to exaggerate the political noise coming out of the NYC.


Carmel, California

May 31, 2008


I'm nostalgic.......and let me be, you're talking about my backyard.

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