Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Another mother has lost her child

A student of Bangladesh medical is killed . Although these are very normal incidents in Bangladesh. But our expectation to CTG a lot. We want to get rid of this kind of cruelity.We don't want another mother to loose her child.At present CTG is giving too much importance to all the thieves.And for this reason the emergency rule is also a bit relaxed. And  the result of a bit relaxation of emergency rule is front of us.CTG should realize that our political leader's favourite pass time is blood shedding, falling dead body in the roads.And our media also publish this kind of news  as  a spicy news of the day.

CTG should concentrate more on development of economy, implement of strict law and order.They shouldn't spoil their time in thinking about some blood sucker politicians.

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