Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Realization of CTG

Now CTG has understood that our politicians are made of which metal?These generous people thought that after publishing the crimes with evidence these politicians will be very much ashamed and their supporters also will loose confidence on them. But all these shameless party leaders and their supporters   are openly shouting that Bangladesh is property of jatir pita and shadhinotar ghoshok, Hasina & Khaleda are the godess and looting public money  is their human right.At any cost they won't change their character.We, the general public were very much scared whenever we heard about election and once again these people in power.Now CTG is thinking in different way.All these criminals are worthy of severe punishment instead of sweet talk.So 241 no people's name are  in the hand immigration police.We want CTg is in this format forever.

i guess

My understanding is, the CTG has taken the hard line and it's good for the country. If the government starts showing any weakness (what they already did) the mechanism of devil's factory will generate unimaginable. I believe, 2 infamous beagums will be last to go to jail. I'll be waiting for that day of justice.

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