Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Politicians have to pay back for their crimes

Present govt is giving chance to the corrupted people to avoid jail after confessing at truth commision.This proposal is good as there is huge pressure of thousands of corruption cases.For ordinary corrupted people this proposal is o.k. But Politicians shouldn't get any chance through this comission.  37 years time those who have made our motherland a safe land for criminals, miserable life for middle class, fourced poor to get poorer  and overall making Bangladesh  most poor and corrupted nation in the world , cannot be spared so easily. 30 lacs people didn't give their blood to make such country. Today politicians have to pay back for all their crimes. we have to make that oppression and coruption free Bangladesh  which our freedom fighter dreamed  of during the liberation war.

just wait & see

The idea sounds ok, but I'm doubtful about its fair implementation. Political rats will find lots of loophole to overwrite their declarations...this is Bangladesh we're talking about.

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