Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

smooth as silk...

what qualification entitles hasina or khaleda to be the PM, or even be the head of a political party? none! just imagine, these two rats are out of politics, and question will be, how they will make their living? same question is applicable for thousands of so-called politicians throughout the country. there is a saying in Bangla, "চুরি বিদ্যা মহাবিদ্যা যদি না পরে ধরা"। and they had everything through that MOHABIDDAYH; a lavish life at home, a safe shelter abroad, benefited children and family members...... this CTG for the first time in 37 years tried to put a break on that 'smooth as silk' like living for these non-qualified, under-qualified and dysfunctional individuals who in the name of politics did everything humanly possible to put a nation on its knee and make illegitimate living.

politics shouldn't be a full time profession to maintain an extended family all over the world, this should be the divine dedication of love, passion and respect for motherland. no body inherits such quality from father or husband, this should be the result of self-inflicted sacrifice based on knowledge and talent. from this point of view, hasina, khaleda and their army of looters, grafters and thieves are nothing but garbage and will remain as garbage for ever. to conduct any talk with them on how to run a country is nothing but waste of time and in a way rewarding them for their decade long misdeeds.

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