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Arab Sheiks’ new strategy – Education City in Qatar

They do not have democracy. So what? They know what is good for them.

Bangladesh had democracy for a greater part of past 37 years. So what? They do not know what is good for them.

Read on…(from PBS series NOW)

While America's reputation in the Middle East is hovering at historic lows, the demand for American university-branded education has never been greater leading a number of U.S. schools to set up shop overseas. But is exporting American education a risky endeavor?

This week, NOW travels to the tiny energy-rich nation of Qatar, home of Education City, the largest collection of American universities in the Middle East, to investigate why students are flocking to branches of America's elite colleges.

"An American education is important to me because it's a way of advancing my career," says Assma Al Adawi, a junior studying international relations at Georgetown University in Qatar. Al Adawi, who was raised in Doha, Qatar's capital, says studying at an American university offers her a different perspective.
"I don't agree with American policies all the time. I just definitely don't see how American policy managed to culminate into the war in Iraq. But ... I think there are other aspects of American society that are good," she says.

Al Adawi is one of more than 900 students currently studying at an American university in Education City, a 2,500 acre campus where nearly 50 nationalities are represented. Five American universities are currently taking part in this multi-billion dollar experiment, with their operations financed entirely by the Qatari government.

For women like Al Adawi, the initiative is opening a door that was previously closed. Local customs in Qatar dictate that women not mix casually with men who are not their relatives. As such, most schools, including the main university, don't offer co-ed classes. But Education City is changing all that: for the first time in Qatar, women can compete with men in higher education.

While many praise Education City as a way to spread American values and principles, some question whether these renowned academic institutions should be working in partnership with a country whose values at times conflict with our own.

And it also raises the question: Are these top American schools risking their good name for a big check?

Carmel, California

what are you suggesting?

Are you suggesting to adopt Yankee education? Every system has two different sides, and Yankees are no exception. Don't be too blind to disgrace your own motherland.

Yankee education

Ask the Qataris why they went for Yankee education.
Please tell us what is the other side of Yankee education, if you know it.

See the picture below and tell us who disgraced motherland?
Wonderful education Khulna Univ is providing to Bangladeshi students.

This is how the world sees BD.

Carmel, California

they're rats any can be found everywhere....

Bangladesh is an unique piece of land with equally unique people.....there is no end to this!

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