Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Election without AL & BNP

An article in World Street Journal was published in16th may on 'election in Bangladesh''. According to this writer if AL & BNP don't take part in election then  alternatively islamic party will come in power.Deffinitely AL & BNP leaders have given him( the writer of the article) such rubbish ideas.All these shrewd people know very well that western people are scared of islamic terrorist group.So they are trying to misguide their media by giving rubbish idea.

Bangladesh is a moderate muslim country.People of Bangladesh don't want Bangladesh as a taleban country. If realy AL & BNP don't take part in election, then there are more possibility of individual candidates to contest election.And if there is no chance to spread money then individual candidates based on their capability to impress people by their  act have chance to win in the election.In our country there are a lot of sacrificed leaders becuase of their honesty stayed far from politics.But they have the passion and patritism to serve the country . If CTG ensure that there will be no game of money then all these honest people have the possibility to win.And there are possibility  of candidates with higher education  and specialised in particular field  to stand in the election. CTG should clarify to the western media about election without AL & BNP.At any cost people of Bangladesh don't want to go back under the power of same gang of gundas anymore.

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