Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Independence of media

At present people of Bangladesh are realy enjoying reading newspapers and watching tv news. I want to congratulate those editors who have decided to support the truth.If media is beside the people of Bangladesh , then  notorious politicians cannot cause any harm to our motherland anymore.

our media? it's not our

Our (?) media is the integrated part of our corruption network. If you do a simple research, a painful truth will come out, all the Dons and God fathers who are now facing the iron feast of justice, are the direct or indirect owner of each and every media. It's obvious, they will serve their masters. These are the people who helped the country to divide based on their politicial moral. Make electrifying fortune was their primary goal, and they achieved their agenda with astronomical success. This CTG did not directly go after that corrupt institution, but went after core individuals, like Tareq, Mamun, Atiquallh...No wonder media is sheding crocodile tears of freedom!

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