Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

An arm struggle is imminent....hello Bangladesh!

If MUA, FUA and their backup forces are hoping for an honorable exit from their crime zone, keep dreaming! Their days are numbered by the hours and justice will haunt them to their graveyard. Bangladesh is not Harvard where you can deliver empty lectures....people of Bangladesh like to see their beloved leaders next to them and amry in the barack. It was just  waste of time to listen to Mr. FUA, a cheap puppet of FUA!


BAL and BNP thugs have started journey to jail

Sorry to break your heart!

The thug queens will start their rapid journey to the jail sooner than later. Bangladeshi people do not want anymore BAL and BNP thugs who have cheated them.

Keep on dreaming.

Carmel, California

you bet!

When you talk about people of Bangladesh...who are they?
Time will proof the importance of Khaleda Zia and Hasina. It's just matter of time before you and people like you will be hiding in disgrace..

Bangladeshi people are those who live in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi people live in Bangladesh and they vote.
The two Begums are no more important than convicted felons who are doing their times behind bars.

people like me have no reason to hide our faces. It is the two Begums who will go down in disgrace as the destroyer of this little landmass, called Bangladesh.

Your support for the two Begums is your prerogative.
Hasina Begum’s coming to America dream will always remain a dream. US does not issue visa to convicted felons.

Carmel, California


You can dream as much as you want, but legacy of Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina will remain as legend in our history. They will be out of jail in no time and you may see them visiting US soon. This is the reality, rest is speculation.


just a reminder, those two unqualified, uneducated and born thieves are heading to the graveyard of history, and this government will make it happen.

Queens of thugs, legends of Bangladesh?

More than 50% Bangladeshis do not care about Mujibur. Is he not the father of the nation of Bangladesh?

And the queens of thugs will become legends?

The two dead Rahmans, Mujibur and Ziaur must be laughing in their graves!

Sorry to break your heart!

The thug queens will start their rapid journey to the jail.

Pray hard, really hard, for the queens of thugs.

Carmel, California


Political leaders go to jail, nothing wrong with that. What took place in Bangladesh after 1/11 is the classic example of how military in the 3rd world dominate the course of political power on gun point. The judges are on gun point too...and verdict they are delivering will be overturned in no time after 30th of December.

They will soon be convicted felons

The thug queens will become convicted felons. US law does not allow issuance of visa to convicted felons.

Pray hard, really hard, for the queens of thugs.

Carmel, California

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