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hi there!

looks like a nice place to make some noise. i've been following the development of this site for a while and to be honest, quite impressed. though i disagree with most of the opinions expressed by robin, watchdog or others siding with the changes introduced by the present government in Bangladesh, but it doesn't hurt to look at the flip side of the coin.

like to see more contributors and less of watchdog.




Please enlighten us

Please enlighten us with your objective disagreement. Please also tell us what gift the Bangladeshi leaders have given to Bangladesh since its creation that has put the country at the same level of other emerging countries.

Carmel, California

light is there

You can argue on failed politics in Bangladesh. No doubt corruption is taking its tole, amid everything, if you look back the terms ruled by non-politicians, are much more dark, grim and devastating. This government is just creating a solid foundation for future non-political rule and such rule is not going to push Bangladesh an inch from its current position.

Politics of restraint

I am afraid you are wrong. The CTG knows that the current political thugs will be recycled into power again because there has not been enough time to bring new faces into Bangladeshi politics. So, it is just restraining the thugs to stay within the bound of civilized politics.

Bangladeshi politics never entered into a civilized phase. The CTG’s strong hand is necessary to make politics is little civilized. BNP and B.A.L politics had been destructive in the past. The same destructive political leaders are singing the same old destructive political songs. B.A.L has declared publicly that it wanted street revolution to bring back old democracy.

I cannot agree with you, sir. The few good men of the CTG have taken the challenge to make Bangladeshi politics a little civil. They have my support for that.

May God bless them.

Carmel, California

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