Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

ACC’s Guillotine

The ACC’s Guillotine has fallen on the necks of the BNP rats.

The days of the BNP and B.A.L thugs are over.

I am predicting that the final cleanup operation will accelerate and the CTG will remove all doubts about the December election. The B.A.L rats, who are outside the jail will get their guillotine papers soon.

Bravo CTG. You have given Bangladesh the best gift since its independence.

May I say Viva CTG!


Carmel, California

not so fast bro!

life of this illegitimate government is numbered by the days, and they will not have enough time to run faster then rats. democracy will prevail, just wait and see.

yeah, of course!

dear police_88

welcome to the board. i agree with you about democracy, let just say, justice will prevail. sounds better?

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