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Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

US alters the Bangladeshi political landscape

"The United States is donating an additional $40 million worth of food aid to Bangladesh," US ambassador to Bangladesh James F Moriarty told reporters at a press conference at the American Club Sunday.

"This assistance will help us adavnce 3Ds—democracy, development and denial of space to terrorists," Moriarty said.

"There is no shortage of foods in Bangladesh. The problem is accessibility," USAID's mission director Denise Rollins said.She made it clear that a greater portion of the food aid would be channeled through government agencies.

The above news events are hot off the press. It shows US confidence on CTG’s capability to contain the third "d", denial of space to terrorist which is of utmost importance to the US than anything else.

In coming days the US will take front row seat to influence the Bangladeshi political landscape. The B.A.L, BNP fighting will just be a noise to the main signal, the US.

Don’t be surprised if the entrance tickets to the US embassy in Dhaka get sold out. The B.A.L and BNP will be rushing to get those tickets to have an audience with Moriarty.


Carmel, California

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