Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

MUA and FUA’s ultimate goal

US offers $40 million food aid to Bangladesh, US ambassador Moriarty tells, "CTG is doing a good job." The CTG avoided taking legal actions against Tofael, Matia, Amu, Saifur, and few others, who should have been in jail. US is giving silent nod to the actions of the CTG because it is the only force that can contain the fundamentalist force in BD.

MUA and FUA want to de-fang the two notorious Begums. They also want to keep the rest of the political front liners of B.A.L and BNP under their control. These front liners know that that is only way they can have control from the family run business. The person who is jumping like a little shrimp is semi dead Zillur. It is a political maze.

Political turn of events is very strange. The world leaders did not criticize MUA and FUA. They have the tacit support for MUA and FUA.

Hasina Begum’s feet will get more entangled in legal web. Her only journey will be from the jail to the court. CTG will drag her parole for seeking medical attention in a foreign country until the election. She will be barred from participating in election because of her legal battle.

For queen Khaleda, she is finished. Her mouth is permanently shut for fear of her Sons’ future and her alleged marriage to Haji Falu.


Carmel, California

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