Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

MUA and FUA’s surgical precision

In the name of politics, these B.A.L and BNP thugs have destroyed the country. MUA and the Boss of Bangladesh came to the rescue like a cardiac surgeon performing a bypass surgery.

MUA and FUA are making the BAL and BNP thugs walk along a straight line. One after another, the hoodlums, corrupts, the dons and the powerful of yesteryears are going to jail under the Boss’s watch. He has not spared the Muftis, Hajis or the Moulanas. His act is just the warm up for the grand finale. The last act will be to assure the permanent residence of the two infamous Begums in rent free rooms, a.k.a. The Jail.


Carmel, California

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