Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

CTG’s mandate

B.A.L and BNP completely destroyed whatever political process was left in Bangladesh before the eventful day of January 11, 2007. The CTG came to rescue Bangladesh to fix that political process. One should be thankful to the CTG for not implementing the draconian rule to get these political thugs permanently out of business.

The CTG is giving a second chance to the BAL and BNP thugs who are fortunate to be outside the jail. The B.A.L worriers are making a mistake to think that this CTG is weak now. The BNP worriers are now too weak and battling intra party feuds.

The old political tricks of the worriers will not work. If the failed leaderships of B.A.L who are fortunate to be outside the jail, goes for street agitation like the pre 1/11 events, they will probably face a hell which they never dreamt about.

The CTG does not see its current assignments as a job only. They see it as passion to get Bangladesh on world map of a progressive country.

Any other interpretation of the CTG's mandate is wrong, to put it mildly.


Carmel, California

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