Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi


If Bangladesh is a patient, Bangladesh Awami League (B.A.L) and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (B.N.P) are kind of viruses that had attacked the patient since it got its independence.

Both the political parties deliberately kept the academic institutions under thew control of hoodlums, deliberately kept them from being the think tank. Both parties knew that an educated population was not easy to be indoctrinated in their violent political beliefs. They kept criminal thugs in disguise of students in the campuses. They appointed unethical teachers in the universities. Country did not mean a thing for them.

The failures of the political governments invited the Bangladesh army to take control of the government few times. The self-interest of B.A.L and B.N.P transcended the interest of the country.

It will not be easy to cure Bangladesh from these viruses. The minimum thing that can be done is to contain these viruses. The CTG is exactly doing that.


Carmel, California

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