Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

CTG did not come to kiss ass

MUA and FUA did not come to kiss ass. They came to kick ass.

The CTG does not have any hidden agenda. Their agenda is crystal clear and they are on their target. They put the BNP hoodlums in jail. The BAL hoodlums, some are fugitive and the others are rotting in jail. The BAL and BNP have been either totally corrupt or condone their compatriots’ corruption. I left out Jamat and JP. They are no more players.

The biggest hoodlums are the two Begums. Their disciples are not only physically sick but also dreaming of piloting the treasure boat again. The CTG must make sure that these hoodlums permanently remain out of business.

Bangladesh needs a through cleansing of the old haggard hoodlums and bring 21st century dreamers who have the desire to sacrifice for the betterment of this tiny landmass. Some members of this forum can cry with razakar phobia until heaven falls on the ground. That will not prevent this indomitable CTG. This CTG means business.

Make no mistake about it.


Carmel, California

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