Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi


In these days when oil hovers around the magic number $120, when food price even in America has gone up, the great Hasina Begum said, she could make the rice go for 10 Taka per kilo in Bangladesh! Her beloved disciples are joining in to the 10 Taka rice chorus as late as April 25, 2008.

We all should then import rice from Bangladesh, sell to in the US market and make good money!

Hasina Begum cannot forget her free Opo (Kodu). Her free Mercedes SUV, her free everything makes her believe that she can buy rice from the world market and sell to Bangladeshis at 10 Bangladesh Taka per kilo. Well, Taka needs to appreciate (10 Taka = 1 USD) to make her dream come true.

Her father, Mujibur, must be turning in his grave and smiling.

We all need to learn Hasinomics!


Carmel, California

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