Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

It's Politics Stupid....

India, AL, BNP - this is a vicious cycle of sicken politics and has nothing to do with economy. Part of our nation hates India because the other part worship them. India factor is a pawn in political chase game and every vested circle plays it with respective agendas. So-called Bangladeshi nationalism is a stunning example, it is nothing but a platform of few vultures based on anti-Indian sentiment, and it capitalizes on century long religious hatred between Hindu and Muslim. Such politics pays off in big time and bring huge fortune to peoples pockets. Flip side of the coin introduces us with another tragedy, people constitute platform with hope, all out Indian slavery will help them to have 'Sisim Fak' mantra to national treasure. This is what gives India the upper hand of dominance; they dictate, they deprive us with water and they kill us on daily basis...

Bangladesh needs to get out of this political loophole and look at India on bipartisan stand point. We need business, investment, trade, export, import...surrounded by ocean at one side and three sides by India, we have little room for maneuver. Reality hurts, but what else we have in our disposal? For rest of the world we're nothing but MISKINS, and global world doesn't do business with Miskins, well, may show handful mercy by throwing some leftovers. Train service between Dhaka & Kolkata was thrown into cold-storage for 45 years, and we heard lot of speculation, fear, cry.....and this is happening in 21st century!

This is a different world now...a world of economy. Bitter enemies are talking, becoming friends and getting ready to take the world. What about us? All we got...2 Beagums and their incorporated properties BNP & AL. This will lead us to unprecedented disaster, and this is going to happen sooner rather than later.


Our beloved nation Bangladesh is in danger. The bastards who did not want independence of this motherland are extending their efforts in making this country a living hell. the Jamaats should be wiped out from this motherland. The Jamaat bastards are ruthless creatures. They should be thrown out of this motherland.

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