Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Now or never

The 37 years journey of Bangladesh has been painful. The only visionary leader that the living generations of Bangladesh have known was Mujibur Rahman. Mujibur had dream of a prosperous Bangladesh. But his weak emotions did not prepare him for a harsh reality.

I wished Mujibur banned student politics from the campuses of universities and colleges in Bangladesh and made them center of learning. Whether it was by design or by ignorance, his party AL encouraged student politics destroying the sanctity of academic institutions. After his death, AL was named Bangladesh Awami League, which fiercely promoted and rewarded student politics. Mujibur missed opportunity to be a great leader.

Bangladesh continuously bleeded, brain drain became the desire and dream of the intellectuals. Staying back in the US or in UK after Phd was extremely rare among the engineering students as late as 1969. Doctors did not go to UK with jobs, although their medical degrees from Dhaka Medical School allowed them to have British medical license to practice medicine in the UK.

Bangladesh profusely bleeded since Hasina Begum's government and continued till the 2nd term of Khaleda Begum. Bangladesh became a symbol of backward journey of a modern day nation. IT revolution in late 90s elevated India on world map. Bangladeshi students fought in the street taking the country in deeper hole. Students who managed to get their degrees started migrating to Australia and Canada escaping the uncertain destiny of the nation.

It is painful when a forum member writes his Australian job search experience trying to defend why it took 6 years for a 4 year degree. World does not under Bangladeshi session jam, when it expects a 4 year degree completed in 4 years.

Bangladesh is at the crossroads now. If the country cannot turn around under the current CTG, the next generation Bangladeshis will face a harsh reality that the country has never seen before. The current BAL and BNP will do more damage to Bangladesh than ever before.

It is now or never for Bangladesh.


Carmel, California

Now or never...

Thanks for your timely posting. For me, BD politics is a mystery, a subject for research. How two Beagums with no education, no quality and with nothing can be the Godmother of a nation...?

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