Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Woman held for biting girl, drinking blood in Bangladesh

এই মহিলাকে হাসিনা বা খালেদার সাথে রাখলে কেমন হয়?

এই মিহলােক হািসনা বা খােলদার সােথ রাখেল েকমন হয়?

Dhaka, March 28: The police in a village in northern Bangladesh have detained a tribal woman for biting a girl and drinking her blood, media reports said Friday.

Tumpi Mij, of the indigenous tribal group, was caught attacking the 10-year-old victim, Swarna Tirkir, during Easter Sunday celebrations in a district 440 km north of Dhaka, the daily Ittefaq reported.

The head of the Catholic church in Thakurgaon told the newspaper that the Mij was caught in the village of Parishadpara by the people who called her a witch, and had to be rescued from the angry mob.

Father Anthony Sen said local indigenous people had embraced Christianity but many converts still practised witchcraft as part of their tribal culture.



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