Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Transcending Politics

There will be no hope for the overpopulated impoverished Bangladesh, unless people decide to be forward looking. There is no magic formula for prosperity. Prosperity needs sacrifice. Transcending politics is that first step of this journey towards prosperity. Great leaders transcended politics for the greater interest of their countries. The great Nelson Mandela will forever remain an example who transcended politics to unite a country which suffered more than and known country in modern time. This Message Board Contributors are good random samples of greater Bangladesh. The contributors of this Board live in prosperous countries where people are united to safeguard national interest. But instead of uniting, they are mud wrestling just like back in Bangladesh!Bangladesh did not suffer as much as South Africa or Japan. Both these two countries understood that economic prosperity required transcending politics and hatred. The great Mandela instead of taking revenge on his white jailors converted them to love the blacks for the sake of South Africa. The Japanese being the sufferers of the American atomic bombs embraced the American for the sake of economic prosperity.Unity is a must for economic prosperity. If time is tough now, tougher time is on the horizon for Bangladesh. When oil price is near the $100 mark, we all are seeing what is coming in term of economic uncertainty. The food price havoc due to India”s stoppage food export to Bangladesh is an example of how vulnerable Bangladesh is. This mud wrestling will not bring prosperity to Bangladesh. Both Mujibur and Ziaur are now six feet under. Both of them failed the Bangladeshi nation. The major political parties are all singing the songs of those two failures. 

RobinCarmel, California 

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