Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Payback time

They robbed the country. They destroyed the education system. They made a lot of mothers cry.They made the country so unsafe that only the thugs and hooligans felt safe walking the Dhaka streets at night. They made this tiny landmass Bangladesh their private property. She tried to have the Gonobhavan as her permanent private residence. The other she tried to emulate the Imelda Marcos of Philippines.They fought each other, let loose their hooligans in the university campuses to destroy the sanctity of house of learning. They made their followers worship them like cult figures. They made their hands dirty with dirty money. They flout the country’s laws. They tried to trim the long arm of law.It is now payback time. They will surely rot until they are physically and mentally incapable. Their hooligan followers will forget them in time. They are the two Begums, Khaleda and Hasina. RobinCarmel, California

and they're in jail...

What will happen if they manage to survive and come back with full swing? Are they learning any lesson from their present fate? Time will tell, truth of the matter is, no alternative is on the horizon yet and Bangladesh may see more blood shed and reprisal with departure of the present government.

Like your postings, looking forward to read more.


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