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Immigration to Canada - Now, processing time 6-12 Months

immigration sol... | April 11, 2009 - 1:09pm

On March 14, 2008, the Canadian government announced their intention to introduce significant amendments to Canada’s immigration system. Many heated debates, numerous consultations, a federal election, and a new Immigration Minister later; the amendments were finally announced on November 28, 2008. Immigration remains a key priority for Canada, but now has a slightly stronger focus on economic immigration.
“We expect new federal skilled worker applicants, including those with arranged employment, to receive a decision within six to twelve months compared with up to six years under the old system,” said Minister Kenney.
Under the new regulations, Federal Skilled Worker applicants will need to satisfy one of the following criteria in addition to the current points system in order to qualify:
• They must have at least one year of continuous full-time or equivalent paid work experience in the last 10 years in one of 38 qualifying occupations that are in high demand in Canada; OR
• They must have an offer of Arranged Employment in Canada; OR
• They must have been legally residing in Canada for at least one year as a temporary foreign worker or an international student.
All efforts in new regulations are to meet economic needs must go hand in hand with the goal of building Canada as a nation and integrating newcomers into the social and cultural life of the country.
Between 240,000 and 265,000 new Permanent Residents will be welcomed to Canada in 2009. Up to 156,600 of them will be in the economic category - a slightly larger proportion than last year’s targets. The plan also aims to admit a record number of Provincial Nominees (up to 26,000) to meet the increasing regional demand.

Here we are proud to inform you that the new 38 qualifying occupations include:
Specialist Physicians / General Practitioners and Family Physicians /
Occupational Therapists / Physiotherapists / Registered Nurses / Medical Radiation Technologists /
Financial Manager / Computer and Information Systems Managers / Managers in Health Care / Restaurant and Food Service Managers / Construction Managers / Financial Auditors and Accountants / Geologists / University Professors / College and Other Vocational Instructors / Electricians / Chefs / Cooks and etc.

We highly recommend you to apply for Canadian Immigration and to take the golden opportunity to complete your application process within 6-12 months period only.
Before you retain our Canada immigration services, we offer
o Free eligibility assessment, there is no obligation
o Personalized assessments of your qualifications
o Email responses to all inquiries
• Facilitate your application process
Once retained for our Canadian immigration services, we will:
o Determine the most appropriate & expeditious Canadian immigration category
o Prepare and submit your application;
o Communicate with overseas Canadian Immigration Visa Office
o Prepare applicant for personal interview, if required
• Ease your settlement in Canada
To help you to settlement in Canada, we will:
o Provide our Canada Job Search tool and our employment resources
o Prepare you for arrival at a Canadian port of entry
o Explain your Canadian Residency obligations
o Overseeing the evaluation of your educational qualifications by the Canadian accreditation institutions, which assist with employment after immigration
o Provide you with information about licensing and registration requirements for professional work in Canada.
o Advise regarding Canadian Citizenship.

If you need any assistance from us please feel free to contact with us and send email at:

bangladesh canada immigetion visa Processing free

Bangladesh Canada immigration visa Processing free

about canada immigration

my name is sabbir, at this moment i am in uk. can i apply for work permit from uk or i have to go bangladesh?

please give me a good advise so i can proceed. i am eagerly waiting for your answer.

my mail address:

kind regards,
sabbir uz zaman

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