Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Hasina, one Majid Mia and their business...

Hasina never love Bangladesh & Bangladeshis

Every one knows Awami League Hasina destroyed Bangladeshi economy with her insistence. Some time she wants CARETAKER GOVERNMENT for that she strike, some time she don't wants CARETAKER GOVERNMENT for that she strike. Her logic that is, if anybody not supports her 'HARASSES THEM, HIT THEM, BIT THEM & KILL THEM’. There is no limit in her barbarity. She orders her followers to attacked & burn publics, trains, Buses, garments factories & CNG. & attacked in public meeting killed publics with a declare of LOGHI-BOITA program. She has some barbarians for fulfils according to her willingly. Bangladeshi general publics are preyed ALLAH TO SAFE THEM & COUNTRY FROM THAT CREZY & BARBAROUS WOMAN. Now this CARETAKER GOVERNMENT is escape the nation from her BARBARISM for few time. We wish the CARETAKER GOVERNMENT will take this CREZY & BARBAR WOMAN to her in front of law for her BARBARISN PROGRAM WITH LONGHI BOITA for killed the human. The day 28th October is the SHAME DAY for Bangladeshi peoples, which was a black spot for the nation. That was create by Hasina for that reason Her party leaders want Hasina will minus from Bangladeshi politics. They don't want her freedom, they know if she will out side her big mouth will spoil their party. They are trying she must stay in the name of treatment. RATS group think their friend country India will support to Awami league beck in power. For that reason they minus their leader Hasina & send her the name of treatment. But he forgets Bangladeshi publics are not support them. Bangladeshi publics think Awami League is the enemy of Bangladeshi nation; they are problems of Bangladesh. They & their leader Hasina never love Bangladesh & Bangladeshis, she like only in power of Bangladesh, They also not like them who love the country. They morning time told we don’t support election under emergency & evening time telling there is no problem if election will held under emergency .I wish readers were watch Channel “I” TV’s news papers live programs in mid night.Awami journalist ABN Musa told in that program I (he) don’t trust they (Awami league) will not participate election under emergency & without Hasina.Because they already participated in election under emergency & without Hasina.That is there STANDBAZI & CHPABAZI.

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