Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Great shame for us

We who live in foreign, we are thinking that is great shame for us & our nation.No need to minus any one by force, publics will minus them by their bellots.Need some time, we was proud while there was democracy in our country.Foreiner are not glad with that, they were conspiracy for that. They don't want peace in our countrymen Please remember Hasinar LONGHI party killed 71 son of ADAM in 28th October-2006 .Burned CNG, BUS & Train, they create destroyed law & order. They are foreign spy. Who want Bangladesh will not a free country. We are feeling for our country that, who we are live in foreign countries. Hasinar LONGHI (BAL) party is responsible for emergency in the country. They destroyed our country systems, destroyed our economy, and destroyed our democracy, now our mother land becomes a jangle, because jangle law is continuing in the country. Dr.Kamal, Rukunuddin, Amirul Islam captured Bangladesh high court & Supreme Court. They started do what they want. Bangladeshi publics have known what's going on with the high court & Supreme Court.The high court & Supreme Court became the toys of Dr.Kamal Co. About the judgment before Sk.Hasina told to a judges, some one writing judgments & you will only a reader of that judgment in this court. They were trying 4 party alliance will out from election(s). They are playing games like as the clever Crows closed the eye. Now what they (EC) are doing, they can't understand .5th August-2008 they (EC) told all criminals & Durnitybaz are the winners of the election(City corporations).Now the Crows Moin U & Fac U what game will start again we are waiting for see that. They want to safe their supporter Awami League from publics' votes by make a fake election Awami League will legalize Moin U & Fac Ur's illegal government.Kondokar Delwar told, the court is working signals of some one.Berister Rafiqul Haque told, now the time I am an old man I shell going the grave-yard but I saw. Law is buried before my death. There is no law no court, the court has no power.Awami Barrister Safiq Ahmed told some one playing with high court & Supreme Court. But he doesn't tell who is he or they? He is Bangladeshi so call constitution expert the notorious lawyer & the enemy of Bangladesh & Bangladeshis so-call Dr.Kamal.Mr.Gadder Chowdhury worry to say the name of that RASPUTIN, yes Dr.Kamal is that RASPUTIN, who is conspiracy with Bangladeshi peoples by support of his foreign friends (god-fathers)! RASPUTIN became in front of publics before jars fall, Bangladshi RASPUTIN Dr.Kamal also now cm in front before FUA-MUA’s government’s fall. This is his last conspiracy, Bangladeshi peoples now very careful Rasputin’s conspiracy must fail by next national election.


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