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The educated Hasina's story

The educated Hasina's story:
Many Universities are offering Ph. D. degree to me but I could not avail
these because I have shortage of time" said by Prime Minister of Bangladesh and Banglakaonna Sheikh Hasina during her last tenure. During her 5 years reign, she obtained nine Ph.D. degrees from various universities of the world. In fact, by obtaining nine Ph. D. degree, she set up an world record.
It is believed that there is no such person in the world who could be able to obtain nine Ph. D. degree in his life time. Sheikh Hasina, who is a graduate of Dhaka University, didn't complete her Masters degree but now she became the richest person in the world in context of having Ph. D.
Last two years of her last tenure, a team of the Government officials was assigned to contact
various universities of the world for finding any scopes to obtain Ph.D. degree for Sheikh Hasina. Thanks to almighty, they were able to manage following degrees for her:
1. Doctor of Science: Sheikh Mujibar Rahman Agricultural University, Bangladesh.
2. Doctor of Laws: Boston University, USA.
3. Doctor of Laws: Waseda University, Japan.
4. Doctor of Liberal Arts: University of Albertay, Scotland.
5. Doctor of Literature (Deshikottom) : Bishwabharati, India.
6. Doctor of Laws: National University, Australia.
7. Doctor of Laws: Dhaka University, Bangladesh.
8. Doctor of Laws: Catholic University, Belgium.
9. Doctor of Human Letters: Bridgeport University, USA.
Sheikh Hasina somehow managed nine Ph. D. degrees without suitable academic
background but she spent millions of poor people's money for traveling various countries to collect her degrees. It is also rumored that she spent huge public money for purchasing most of the Ph. D. degree she obtained.
Wastage of poor people's money for obtaining useless degrees is not acceptable. We demand proper investigation of such criminal activities of the past Awami League Government.


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