Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Boycott Asian Food Fair 2009 in Delray Beach, Florida

The Asian Food Fair organization (chaired by Mohammed Emran according to their website) in South Florida has become a money making enterprise instead of solely serving the community. This year, they are charging $10 admission fee for each day. In today’s economy, I think it is totally unfair to ripoff hard working people who want to bring their families and have a good time with their friends and relatives. Sure, for some people $10 admission fee is not a big deal. But for others, it is. Think about a family of 4 or 5 who wants to come to the fair and end up spending $50 per day just to get in, let alone parking fee and spending money on food and other stuff. Of course, $10 is not an issue for me, but for many, it adds up when bringing family.

It is also not fair for the vendors who paid the organizer to participate and earn few extra bucks in Asian Food Fair. Guess what, people will have less money to spend on vendors.

I’m sure the Asian Food Fair organization gets support from many sources such as sponsors, donors, ads, vendors and City of Delray Beach to name a few. I think this is enough financial and non-financial support to successfully organize an event like Asian Food Fair. If they need additional money, then I have no problem with them charging $2/$3 to get in. But I cannot justify $10 admission fee. This is unfair! So I’m boycotting Asian Food Fair 2009 and encourage everyone (who lives in South Florida) to do so.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with any local and political groups/parties within Bangladeshi communities in USA . This is my personal opinion and I felt that it needed to be said.

Money making machine

Just another way to make few extra bucks, Bangladesi way!

It was a waste

I live in South Florida. Been to this fair. Nothing much. It was samething every year. this year as you said money was higher for admin then last year. this is to show how bangali can always improve as to d-grade themselves every step they get closer to ambition.

Asian Food Fair is a Big Milestone

If you're Bangladeshi you would know how horrible our homeland is. I'm glad that the ticket prices are $10. All this money goes to Bangladesh Assoc. Of Florida a NONPROFIT organization. Instead of bashing the ticket prices think of the ways this money is going to help the community and our homeland. So think of it this way, you give $10 to help the community and Bangladesh.

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