Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Begums’ gift to Bangladesh

Flaming arrows are coming from the supporters of BAL and BNP attacking the CTG for not completely controlling corruption in Bangladesh.

The CTG did not create corruption in Bangladesh.

So, why did corruption flourish in Bangladesh during the continuous 15 years reign of the two infamous Begums? Why has the Bangladeshi education system started its free fall? Besides taking part in corruption at personal level, the corrupted education system produced products that in turn corrupted the entire society.

And you expect CTG to cure the ills of Bangladesh in 15 months that was created by the Begums in 15 years?

The brainwashed supporters of BAL and BNP will not see the light of the truth because they are scared to expose their weakness. Some of them are direct beneficiary of the Begms’ corrupt empire. Bangladesh has remained behind. Its population exploded. BAL and BNP saw this population explosion as boon to their corrupt practices.

The Begums took advantage of Bangladeshis’ icon worshipping culture. They brought the images of their dead father and husband to promote their ill motive. The ordinary Bangladeshis were repeatedly cheated of their dream of economic prosperity. Hasina Begum laundered money to her children via her sister in England. Khaleda Begum used her two sons to launder money outside the country.

The two Begums did not have known legal investments that could earn money to make them rich. How did they pay for their numerous private trips to the US and Saudi Arabia? Who supported their medical expenses in those countries? Why there is hesitation of revealing the source of money. They were public figures and their finances cannot remain private.

Hasina Begum was fortunate that she laundered money before the tragic event of 9/11 in the US. Financial transaction rules were lax pre 9/11. Every deposit now over $10,000 in US bank is reported to the IRS by law. Any pattern of large deposits is now investigated.

Hasina Begum should be bold enough to face justice without crying. BAL supporters should not identify her as daughter of Mujibur. Khaleda Begum needs to answer to 150 million Bangladeshis source of her wealth.

The legacy of the two Bangladeshi Begums will remain intertwined with ugly corruption. After all, their gift to Bangladesh was corruption that has degenerated the Bangladeshi society.


Carmel, California

Clear and present danger

You touched on an issue that caught my attention. I was in Bangladesh last summer and the thing that worried me the most was the population. If nothing is done now (I mean right now) to slow down the growth, I can't imagine what would happen 10-15 years from today. The entire country will collapse no matter what the future government does to fix this problem. The sad thing is, the previous administrations completely failed to forestall this humongous problem. Or should I say they let this problem rack up intentionally?

What will happen in next 10 years?

I share your concern, Ridoye Bangladesh

I cannot comprehend how Bangladesh will accommodate more population in this tiny land in next 10 years.

May be BAL will construct a bigger boat.

Today’s Bangkok post reported, “The export price of Thai premium-grade rice broke the US$1,000 per tonne level yesterday, causing fears to mount about a local rice crisis and prompting the government to call an urgent meeting today to try to manage exports.”

Thailand is the largest rice exporter of the world.

There is a dark cloud on the horizon. It will not be floodwater that will capsize Bangladesh. It will be the population explosion.

Will Bangladesh ever have a visionary leader? May be a miracle will create one!

Carmel, California

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