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একটু বেশী কড়া হয়ে গেলনা? এ ভাবে নেংটা করার মাঝে কি তৃপ্তি খুজে পান বলবেন কি? পরনের কাপড় খুলে নিলে ওরা লজ্জা পাবে যে. এ দিকটা একটু খেয়াল রাখবেন।

ভাল থাকুন

গাঁজার নৌকা পাহাড় বাইয়া যায়

Bro WD, It was phenomenal but how about our Rose Begum ( Khaleda) ? Her sons are trademark of burgler in Bangladesh.
we shouldn't forget about those war criminals like Nizami , Mujahid etc.


Rose Beagum and her syndicate of grafters are about to pray their last prayer, and we'll place a bouquet of red rose on their tombstone once they find their final resting place. I find no word to describe the misdeed of this gang of horror, we're simply an unfortunate nation to have this sort of dirt in our disposal.

About Nizami,...these vultures shouldn't be in political business in the first place...

Have a good Saturday evening.

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