New TV channels to get licences soon

From DailyStar

The government will soon give licences to a number of private satellite television channels for broadcasting, Information Minister Abul Kalam Azad informed the parliament this morning.

He however did not specify the number of new channels.

The information minister said actions would be taken against the television channels for failing to comply with the conditions of taking licence.

Replying to lawmakers’ queries, he also said the television code of advertising standards and practices is being updated.

“We will consider whether any action can be taken against broadcasting irritating and indecent advertisements,” the information minister said.

He also said the works are going on to regulate television advertisement and "we hope it will be stopped in future."

“The existing rules are not enough to stop such advertisements,” he said urging the satellite television channel owners and high officials not to broadcast any such advertisements.

In reply to a query of a lawmaker to stop controversial comments on religious and other matters in television talk shows, the information minister said there is no policy to take action against it. “But we will make policy to this effect,” he added.

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