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Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

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US State Department warned Mujibur about possible assassination

Here is the minutes of a meeting held in the US State Department on August 15, 1975:

Carmel, California

The Secretary’s 8:00 a.m. Staff Meeting
Friday, August 15, 1975


Hope of a Nation

Euphoria on a winter morning in 1972 was everywhere in newly declared Bangla Desh. People planted the seeds of their own dream.

Haves and Have-nots

The glorious Bangladeshi society!

A child works at a merry-go-round at the Shishu Academy yesterday during the Child Rights Week being observed across the country. Courtesy The Daily Star

While Bangladeshis fight, Vietnam gets Billion $ Intel

Vietnam fought more wars, lost many times more people than Bangladesh to get their independence. But Vietnam knows, enemies are their best friends when trade is in the middle...