Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

While Bangladeshis fight, Vietnam gets Billion $ Intel

Vietnam fought more wars, lost many times more people than Bangladesh to get their independence. But Vietnam knows, enemies are their best friends when trade is in the middle.

While poor Vietnam has shown their forward looking character, Bangladesh is hell bent to march backward. No Tata, no foreign oil & gas companies, no nothing. These foreign companies are interested in sucking Bangladesh out of its everything. At least that's what Bangladeshis think.

A country gets leaders what it deserves. Bangladesh got leaders what it deserved in past 37 years. All including Mujibur Rahman, destroyed the education system and made every college and university battleground. Even a foreign bank,s CEO said two days ago, Bangladesh needed to improve its education and infrastructure for development.

Enough has been said about the sad state of Bangladeshi education system. The country is going to bleed for a long time in future.

BAL and BNP will fight until hell will touch ground. Sadly, Bangladesis are getting what it deserve. But Bangladesh deserves better.

Do Bangladeshi people have the guts to emulate, even Vietnam?

Carmel, California


Bangladesh will not prosper economically in near future

Fragmented Bangladeshis will always remain weak.

A simple theory in vibration: You need to vibrate an object with its fundamental frequency to achieve resonance with infinite amplitude.

The same theory holds true for a country to achieve progress and be a part of first world.

Who does not know that strength is in unity and weakness is in fragmentation. And that has been in Bangladesh since Mujibur became the administrative head of BD. Do you recall or read the pre-liberation days? Didn’t all Bengalis of East Pakistan unite on one cause? The vibration was created with a resonance and Bangladesh was born.

The unity of Bengalis was short lived. Fragmentation started to crystallize. Mujibur did not have any more charm left in his bag to captivate the Bengalis. The world’s Muslims, 1.2 billion of them, are fragmented. With all the liquid black gold under their ground, they are weak in world's theater. Compare that to 5 million Jews. Because of their unparallel unity, they influence US foreign policy and no US lawmaker dares to say anything about Jews.

The Asian countries that Bengalis admire have strong central governments which force their population to work in unison. The result is guaranteed prosperity. Take the case of Singapore and Malaysia. Their central theme is economic progress at any cost. The cost, unfortunately, has been individual freedom. But, Bangladeshis do admire those two countries. The rich and powerful Bangladeshis go to those countries for vacation and medical needs. The track records of BNP, Bangladesh AL and all other political parties are poor. What miracle they are going to bring to Bangladesh if they again form governments? They have proven to be evil force that cared little for the poor and the unfortunate Bangladeshis.

Carmel, California

Economic rise of a nation does not happen by accident

Every developing nation during the past two decades started their journey to economic prosperity with roadmaps of their visionary leaders. Singapore had Lee Kwan Yew, Malaysia had Mahathir Mohamad, China had Deng Xiaoping, Korea had Park Chung-Hee, and India had Manmohan Singh.

All these visionary leaders followed a calculated roadmap. Deng Xiaoping realized that China needed western educated Chinese to start the process of technological development. China needed to learn English language. Deng started to send thousands of Chinese engineering and science students to the top US universities to achieve the goal. At the same time it invited top Hong Kong financial managers to take up jobs in Chine and build the financial infrastructure. Deng understood the shortcomings of the Chinese towards economic development.

Singapore in early Seventy created Economic Development Board (EDB). EDB hired western economists to chart a plan of this city state’s economic development. Singapore only had National University of Singapore and Singapore Poly Tech, which were the only source of engineers and technologists. Because of shortage of engineers, Singapore Immigration made it easy for foreign engineers to get employment pass. There were readymade engineers when companies needed them.

Malaysia did not need to invent the wheel. The wheel was already there.

India, although had the same cultural norm as Bangladesh, it treated learning institutions sacred like the place of worship. When Bangladeshi students were fighting with each other in the name of student politics, the Indian students were seeking knowledge for their country's future.

Current Bangladesh is nowhere near the point of economic progress. It requires a roadmap and Bangladesh has none. The infighting that is the characteristic of Bangladeshis is very much alive in the country and in this Message Board too. Whether it is Mijubur or Ziaur, whether it is Razakar or freedom fighter, whether it is Bangladesh AL (aka BAL) or BNP, this fight will not and will never make this overpopulated country anymore prosperous than now.

The U.S. after the WW2, developed a roadmap to get the top notch German scientist to develop the rocket technology. Remember Wernher von Braun? Dr. Wernher von Braun (March 23, 1912 - June 16, 1977) was one of the leading figures in the development of rocket technology in Germany and the United States. He had the Nazi honorary SS rank of a Sturmbannf? but was granted the U.S. citizenship. U.S could have treated him like a Razakar, but did not. U.S. needed him more than he needed the U.S.

Bangladesh does not have nor did it have any visionary leader with a roadmap. Mujibur and Ziaur did not have roadmaps. The later leaders, Ershad, and the two Begums were of low level and could not make leadership grade. Look at the current political parties and their leaderships now. Who can make the grade? Is there a like of Lee Kwan Yew, Mahathir or Deng?

Bangladesh has a long dark road ahead. Economic rise of a nation does not happen by accident!

Carmel, California

BD’s barrier to prosperity

Did you ever hear Indian Universities or the IIT campuses were closed indefinitely? Is Dhaka U. churning out pundits by allowing stick wielding students joined by their beloved faculties dance with the rhythm of their tail wagging leaders instead of spending time in the quietness of libraries?

Technology is knowledge base business. China forgot it during their Cultural Revolution and paid an expensive price. However, the great Deng Xiaoping realized the mistake of Mao. He sent more than 20,000 Chinese students to western Universities (mostly US) to catch up the lost times.

The single biggest roadblock to BD’s technological development is its polluted educational institution. Process makes product, good process makes good product. Bangladesh has a bad education process.

Whether it is technology or agriculture, everything involves science. Knowledge of science comes from the classroom of schools and libraries. Politics should be temporarily banned from the campuses of all BD educational institutions. It should act as catch up times.

If a company decide to set up either a semiconductor Fab or a test house in BD, does the entire Bangladesh have 200 people who will be up to the mark for those jobs? I don't think so.

Carmel, California

Mujibur in the eyes of a foreign leader

Excerpt from Singapor's Lee Kwan Yew’s biography - 1973 Commonwealth summit in Ottawa:

Zimbabwe and apartheid occupied much time at every conference. For most of them, unless I looked up the minutes, I would not remember the issues of the day that agitated the leaders at that time. But I have carried unforgettable vignettes of meetings and conversations from each conference. I [remember]Prime Minister Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the hero who had opposed Pakistan and led East Pakistan to independence as Bangladesh. He arrived in style at Ottawa in his own aircraft.

When I landed, I saw a parked Boeing 707 with "Bangladesh" emblazoned on it. When I left, it was still standing on the same spot, idle for eight days, getting obsolescent without earning anything. As I left the hotel for the airport, two huge vans were being loaded with packages for the Bangladeshi aircraft. At the conference, Mujibur Rahman had made a pitch for aid to his country.

Any public relations firm would have advised him not to leave his special aircraft standing for eight whole days on the parking apron. The fashion of the time was for leaders of the bigger Third World countries to travel in their own aircraft.....

Carmel, California

The Legacy and Fallacy of Mujibur

History is permanent and the rest temporary. There is no question about Mujibur's greatness. His was the embodiment of his party. He was the party. And that was the ultimate cause of his fallacy.

The legacy of Mujibur goes throughout the existence of East Pakistan. He got 98% of East Pakistani votes. His clarion call to unite against West Pakistan's injustice on the day of March 7, 1971 resulted in unity of the entire Bangladeshi nation! Bengalis bestowed upon him the honor of their sole representative. That was the legacy of Mujibur before Bangladesh was born.

As I wrote before, Mujibur thought his capability was limitless. All great people had one thing in common. They knew where to stop. Should Mujibur know where he needed to stop, he would have remained an eternally great figure like the great Mahatma Gandhi.

It is really unfortunate that his five years in independent Bangladesh washed away his legacy and made him a controversial leader. His party could only garner 50% of BD people's votes. Half of the Bengali population questions his greatness now.

Mujibur could not do for independent Bangladesh what Lee Kwan Yew did for independent Singapore.

It is now Mujibur's fallacy that has obscured his legacy of greatness!

Carmel, California

Political rats

I call them political rats, some may call them political darlings. They are in BAL, BNP, Jamat, JP. They do business with politics of corruption.

The December air of Bangladesh reverberates with the call of trying the war criminals, like the February air of Bangladesh with the Bengali language. The BAL and BNP Begums did not care much about the war criminals when the wielded absolute powers. Because that would have gone against their business strategies. Now, caged, restricted, their battle cry is “CTG, try the war criminals.”

Where were they during the past 34 years? Ask the BAL front liners. Ask then the BNP fighters. Ask the JP clowns. Ask Jamat.

The CTG should mercilessly contain these political rats. The hoodlums should not see the daylight. Trying these political hoodlums is a national priority.

The cry for an independent land for the Bengalis evolved due to economic suppression. If present day Bangladesh was prosperous under the nationhood of Pakistan, like Hong Kong was under the British rule, would there be a cry for independence? This writer does not think so.

When Bangladesh was created, there was a hope, a big hope that days of economic suppression were over. The 75 million Bengalis cheered and dreamt that phoenix would rise from the ashes of East Pakistan. The Bengalis did not know that they would soon face a harsh reality of Bengali greed and selfishness which was ushered in by Mujibur’s family and cronies. The first sign was the massive theft of millions of dollars of relief materials from the world who also cried seeing the Bengali suffering by Pakistani military. And this too was under the very nose of Mujibur. His "kindness" was the very cause of the start of massive corruption that Bangladesh experienced until January of 2007.

The lure of money was more seductive than any known thing. The political rats cared little about the ordinary folks. They sucked money from the poor in the name of offering jobs & anything and everything that the poor and middle income people needed for survival.

Bangladeshis resigned to their fate, hoping and praying that only a miracle could save them. The two Begums and the Romeo Ershad gave the leadership to this gargantuan looting.

If the Chinese justice system is applied to these political rats, that will be appropriate. The two Begums must do their times. That should serve as warning to all.

Do corruption, you will never see daylight.

Carmel, California

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