Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

Ami Bangladeshi

While Bangladeshis fight, Vietnam gets Billion $ Intel

Vietnam fought more wars, lost many times more people than Bangladesh to get their independence. But Vietnam knows, enemies are their best friends when trade is in the middle.

While poor Vietnam has shown their forward looking character, Bangladesh is hell bent to march backward. No Tata, no foreign oil & gas companies, no nothing. These foreign companies are interested in sucking Bangladesh out of its everything. At least that's what Bangladeshis think.

A country gets leaders what it deserves. Bangladesh got leaders what it deserved in past 37 years. All including Mujibur Rahman, destroyed the education system and made every college and university battleground. Even a foreign bank,s CEO said two days ago, Bangladesh needed to improve its education and infrastructure for development.

Enough has been said about the sad state of Bangladeshi education system. The country is going to bleed for a long time in future.

BAL and BNP will fight until hell will touch ground. Sadly, Bangladesis are getting what it deserve. But Bangladesh deserves better.

Do Bangladeshi people have the guts to emulate, even Vietnam?

Carmel, California


An appeal for justice


Many families of Bangladesh Nationals suffered a lot during Freedom War
Many members from effected family have started to establish Industries investing family resources from 1972 as self earner as well to create job opportunity

The Government also started to help these fast growing PRIVATE SECTOR INDUSTRIES utilizing the grants of International Loan Giving Agencies and through different Banks from 1979.
But Unfortunately the Owners of these Industries became helpless victims of deep rooted conspiracy and anti propaganda. .
And the activities of Bank officials were fully negative .

Bank officials acted in every possible way for compelling many Borrower of Industrial Loan become defaulter so that, the bank officials can occupy or take possession or to create scope for their near and dear to purchase the valuable mortgaged land and properties of the helpless owner of industries under shelter of oppressive laws in the name of recovery of loan recovery. .
And there are no scope or any clause to raise the above activities of bank officials before the Artha Rin Court claiming compensation , or claim set off in the same suite or dismissal of the suit .
High level investigation will reveals the facts as stated above

Due to such activities most of the identified Sick Industries became in-operatives and have lost their cash capitals, expatriate capabilities and became helpless victims of oppressive laws.
Knowing the facts a budgetary provision were created by the Government of Bangladesh and paid huge amount to banks through this budgetary provision against all bad debt or defaulted bank loan ( both principal and interest ) at the rate of 4.5 % from 1990 to 1994.

The budgetary provision were increased to 5 % and extended in 1994 -1995 budget session upto 1998 considering the over all situation of the matter of negligence , malpractices, conspiracy, non co-operation , fraudulent or malefied activities of bank officials who are responsible for compelling the owner of industries to became sick ****** }
( ****** As per ref .of 2nd volume of budget presentation by the then honorable Minister of Finance , Govt. of Bangladesh in Bengali language before the Parliament on 9 th June of mentioned in page no- 7 and para 14 which continued to page no-8 .” )

After the above arrangement do there remain any residual debt lying with owner of sick industries of Bangladesh ( private sector upto 1998 ), ?

THE HELPLESS OWNERS OF INDUSTRIES ARE NOW LOOKING FOR JUSTICE, BUT THE DOOR OF JUSTICE ARE CLOSED due to enactment of a law know as ARTHA RIN ADALAT ACT ( Bank Loan Recovery Act ) on 1989 which were amended on 2003 and Bank Ruptcy Acts were also enacted on 1997 treating the Owners of Industries under Private Sector like as Slave of Colonial Period WHEN THE HANDS OF THE PRODUCER AND TECHNICIAN OF MOSLIN FABRICS ( which were only produced in Bengal of undivided INDIA) were cut down to stop production of Finest Fabrics by Bengali Technicians and Producer.

Out of total outstanding defaulted Bank Loans, about 60 % to 70 % are lying with Nationalized / State Sector and less then 10 % to 15 % are lying with Industries of Private Sector of Bangladesh..

The owner of industries in Bangladesh are direct victims of anti propaganda since after liberation in organized way to till date by vested group so as to hide out the matter of negligence , malpractices, conspiracy, non co-operation , fraudulent or activities of bank officials and their controlling authorities who are responsible for compelling the owner of industries to become sick.

As per Artha Rin Act nothing can be raised against the Order or Decree of Artha Rin Court to Higher Court without Payment of 50 % of the suit value or Decretal Amount which is simply impossible task.
The door of appeal or revision is also closed denying the Legal right of Owners of Industries as per sections 12, 18 & (3) , 19, 20,21,33, 34,40,41,42,44, 47 and 50 of Artha Rin Act.
There are no other alternative way or remedies , but to draw the attention of concern authority of Bangladesh Government including PATRIOT INTELLECTUAL PERSONS, POLITICIAN AND LEADER OF CIVIL SOCIETY AND INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY TO VERYFY the above and help suffering owner of industries for restoring EQUAL RIGHT of JUSTICE,

Also kindly arrange to circulate our humble appeal among honorable members , partners of your organizations or in your news bulletins and in printed or electronic news media for transmission this appeal among all organizations working for HUMAN RIGHT , DEMOCRATIC RIGHT and to PREVENT LEGAL ABUSE and OPPRESSIVE LAWS and also to consider the followings for approval :

1-The Existing System of Mortgage of Land or Properties as security or co-- lateral security to bank against loan need to be completely abolished so as to remove ever growing corruption , malpractices and fraudulent activities which exist in Banking Sector and are much Proven Facts for the greater interest. Of the Nation.

2- - The Sections 12, , 18 & 18(3), 19,20,21,33, 34,40,41,42,44,47 and 50 of Artha Rin Acts including Sections 28 ( Kha) of Banking Company act should be abolished immediately.

3-. Humble appeal before the Government of Bangladesh to allow owners of industries to claim SET OFF or COMPENSATIONS for negligence , violation of contract , fraudulent or malice activities of official of banks in the same suit filed by Bank for recovery of Loan Money similar to DRT ( DEBT RECOVERY TRIBUNALS ) OF INDIA

5- And to take immediate steps to abolish the system of CERTIFICASE CASE which are nothing but abuse of LAW and worst one like that of COLONIAL RULE .

Suffering Groups of Owners of Industries of Bangladesh.

Regulatory reform of Laws and Legal System

Experienced Peoples are in opinion that Bangladesh can not face the track of advancement of Science and Technology like other Asian Countries nearby Bangladesh

Even Bangladesh will not be able to dream the face of digital world with existing colonial laws and legal system.



Mujibdesh not Bangladesh

You are right, we are under occupation of DIGITAL AWAMI TERRORISM, their
object is only established AWAMIISM and MUJIBISM. They are pulling back our country 100 years back. Only histry and secularism, comunism, hinduculture, education to change according to theire own way. How the educated nastik peoples are supporting them to destroy our motherland ? They took billions of dollar from bangladesh, Joy and his aunty living UK and USA like king's family.
From where they got money without any business? Joy has billion of dollar in America, according to the Sunita Paul.
I think next government should be take this matter under serious investigation then bias pappet blind supporters will understand that Party and leader is not first country is first.
We are 90% Muslim in Bangladesh, how dare they are ? working against Islam?
More than 60% general people never except Mujib is a so called Father of the nation? She can not pushed our heart and this country will be divided for long and India and Hindus want bangladeshis should be divided so they can get better banefit and Bangladesh never became a develope country. In Bangladesh Hindus are enjoying best government job more then 30% than Muslims but in India Muslims has no government job and no right there. Kashmiris, Ashmis, Nagaland and other minority comunity under poverty and there is no huminity and right.
in Bangladesh all even the Justice, Police officer, Army officer, Majistrate, District ,Agreeculture, Jurnalist, Tv channels, univercities every where Hindus are enjoying more than 30% job and they are working for divide Bangladeshis.
Still i remember some slowgun like ""BISHSHEY ELOO NOTUN BAAD MUJIB BAAD'', EAAK NEETEER EEKDESH BANGABODHUR BANGLSADESH, BAAKSHAL, closed all news paper, no human right was that time, Sk.Kamal and SK Jamals terrorism every body knows, Bank loot, Maried by forced and lot of exaple we can show to the new generation but next time we must need to write books for Mujib's and Hasin's attricities against Democracy and Terrorism. People hgas to know about AWAMI's relation with INDIA from AGORTOLA to till today.
Think tank Bangla.

Driving force behind Globalization – a Bangladesh case study

When B.A.L formed the government and governed Bangladesh, Hasina Begum and her great party leaders like Tofaels and Motias of the world relentlessly advocated that Bangladesh had the best investment climate for FDI. When Khaleda Begum was in power her worriers like Saifur, Babor Alis of the world were echoing the same mantra relentlessly. But, FDI bypassed the shore of Bay of Bengal and instead headed toward China, Malaysia, India and Singapore.

So what happened? Why the foreign manufacturing companies did not agree with the two Begums?

Beginning 2000, US companies were competing with each other to move to low cost region (LCR). It was like the days of California gold rush. The companies that moved to LCR forced their major suppliers to move to LCR too. It was like a domino. Countries, which attracted the FDI, studied the FDI requirements. Their government sent delegations to the US and met the executives of the MNCs. Those governments had a clear vision of what it took to attract FDI. They did not have to chant the mantra like the Bangladeshi Begums.

Besides low cost of production, tax incentive was a big factor to attract FDI. Singapore could not compete with any South East Asian countries in term of labor cost. Its labor cost and overhead was too expensive. The economists in Singapore found that if the tax rate can be made very attractive, even the high tech companies would move to Singapore. They were not wrong. Labor rate in Singapore is no cheaper than Alabama or Montana.

The two Begums shunned the few genius economists like Muhammad Yunus. Hasina Begum called him names. Khaleda Begum’s pea brain did not understand a thing about the driving force behind globalization. How could she? Her 8th grade education did not allow her to know globalization stuff.

The paper tigers of Bangladesh could not succeed. Bangladesh was left behind the globalization race. With over population, corrupted education, climate change, poverty, political infighting and rise of extremism pulled Bangladesh further behind. Bangladesh’s share of globalization has remained a mirage.

Carmel, California

A sad legacy

In an address to his nation in mid seventies, Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew compared all the South Asian countries including India, with that of South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and his Singapore. He categorically mentioned newly independent Bangladesh and predicted its rough time because of an economic policy that its leader, Mujibur Rahman followed. All South Asian nations at that time followed an USSR type socialist system that was diametrically opposite to free market economy system of South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. India's Manmohan Singh replaced the socialist system after realizing it was not going anywhere. The result was India's emergence as an economic powerhouse.

Lee Kuan Yew was quite correct predicting Bangladesh's economic future.

What went wrong with Bangladesh?
Mujibur Rahman was the embodiment of Bangladesh. He was seen as the ultimate force that could create a Bengali miracle. So, I will only focus on him only. Bangladesh’s history after Mujibur was equally unfortunate.

Mujibur made two mistakes that were so serious that Bangladesh is still paying for it. He nationalized the industrial sectors, abolished English and undermined education as the source of economic strength. The honeymoon of Mujibur Rahman with Bangladesh was over after the tragic famine in 1974. Lack of an economic policy spelt an economic disaster that sowed the seed of subsequent tragic events of his assassination, coup and counter coup. No foreign investment came to Bangladesh because of socialistic policy. Mujibur failed to bring out a political structure that could solidify a good democratic system. He had the charisma and people's trust to do it. His blundered economic policy coupled with his administrative failure rapidly brought dissent among political conscious Bangladeshis including the country's armed force, which still had the smell of gunpowder in their hands.

Problem of Bangladesh did not start with the assassination of Mujibur. On the contrary, problem started with Mujibur taking the helm of administration. There was only one window of opportunity for Bangladesh and that was in 1972 after the creation of the country. The world was sympathetic to this newborn child. Money poured in. 98% Bangladeshis were behind Mujibur. That window rapidly closed. Mujibur made an error by not holding on to the tail of other economic dragons. He failed to realize that economic prosperity subdues political dissent. Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew knew that quite well. Mujibur did not have economic agenda as his top priority.

After the euphoria of independence in 1971, Bangladeshis were rapidly disillusioned about the country’s future. The result was Mujibur’s assassination and all other tragic events after it.

The legacy of Bangladeshi disillusionment still continues. The rot that has attacked the soul of Bangladesh started with Mijubur. Most people heard about the massive corruption with the aid and donation that Bangladesh received in 1972 when Mujibur was alive and his Red Cross chief was the kingpin of that corruption. Bangladeshis learnt from those days that corruption is never punished but only rewarded. The current Bangladesh AL front line leader Tofael, was Mujibur’s political secretary. He failed to advise Mujibur against corruption in his inner circle. Tofael was a failure too.

Let me end my long post with a question. With millions of political activists in B.A.L and in BNP, why is Bangladesh in such a bad shape both politically and economically?

Carmel, California

Fragmented population and Bangladesh

Fragmented Bangladeshis will always remain weak.

A simple theory in vibration: You need to vibrate an object with the fundamental frequency to achieve resonance with infinite amplitude.

The same theory holds true for a country to achieve progress and be a part of first world.

Who does not know that strength is in unity and weakness is in fragmentation? And that has been in Bangladesh since Mujibur became the administrative head of BD. Do you recall the pre-liberation days? Didn’t all Bengalis of East Pakistan unite on one cause? The vibration was created with a resonance and Bangladesh was born.

The unity of Bengalis was short lived. Fragmentation started to crystallize. Mujibur did not have any more charm left in his bag to captivate the Bengalis. The world’s Muslims, 1.2 billion of them, are fragmented. With all the liquid black gold under their ground, they are weak in world's theater. Compare that to 5 million Jews. Because of their unparalleled unity, they influence US foreign policy and no US lawmaker dares to say anything about Jews.

The Asian countries that Bengalis admire have strong central governments, which force their population to work in unison. The result is guaranteed prosperity. Take the case of Singapore and Malaysia. Their central theme is economic progress at any cost. The cost, unfortunately, has been individual freedom. But, Bangladeshis do admire those two countries. The rich and powerful Bangladeshis go to those countries for vacation and medical needs. The track records of BNP, Bangladesh AL and all other political parties are poor. What miracle they are going to bring to Bangladesh if they again form governments? They have proven to be evil force that cared little for the poor and the unfortunate Bangladeshis.

Carmel, California

Begums' gift to Bangladesh

Flaming arrows are coming from the supporters of BAL and BNP attacking the CTG for not completely controlling corruption in Bangladesh.

The CTG did not create corruption in Bangladesh.

So, why did corruption flourish in Bangladesh during the continuous 15 years reign of the two infamous Begums? Why has the Bangladeshi education system started its free fall? Besides taking part in corruption at personal level, the corrupted education system produced products that in turn corrupted the entire society.

And you expect CTG to cure the ills of Bangladesh in 15 months that was created by the Begums in 15 years?

The brainwashed supporters of BAL and BNP will not see the light of the truth because they are scared to expose their weakness. Some of them are direct beneficiary of the Begums' corrupt empire. Bangladesh has remained behind. Its population exploded. BAL and BNP saw this population explosion as boon to their corrupt practices.

The Begums took advantage of Bangladeshi icon worshipping culture. They brought the images of their dead father and husband to promote their ill motive. The ordinary Bangladeshis were repeatedly cheated of their dream of economic prosperity. Hasina Begum laundered money to her children via her sister in England. Khaaleda Begum used her two sons to launder money outside the country.

The two Begums did not have known legal investments that could earn money to make them rich. How did they pay for their numerous private trips to the US and Saudi Arabia? Who supported their medical expenses in those countries? Why there is hesitation of revealing the source of money. They were public figures and their finances cannot remain private.

Hasina Begum was fortunate that she laundered money before the tragic event of 9/11 in the US. Financial transaction rules were lax pre 9/11. Every deposit now over $10,000 in US bank is reported to the IRS by law. Any pattern of large deposits is now investigated.

Hasina Begum should be bold enough to face justice without crying. BAL supporters should not identify her as daughter of Mujibur. Khaleda Begum needs to answer to 150 million Bangladeshis source of her wealth.

The legacy of the two Bangladeshi Begums will remain intertwined with ugly corruption. After all, their gift to Bangladesh was corruption that has degenerated the Bangladeshi society.

Carmel, California

Charting Bangladesh’s economic prosperity

I will use Singapore as a model for Bangladesh.

During 60s, Singapore was a third world country with per capita income of $320. There was massive unemployment and labor unrest was rampant.

Singapore established an autonomous Economic Development Board (EDB) with expertise from Germany and few other European countries to chart its future economic development. The result was a rapid economic prosperity starting from the 70s.

Singapore's EDB still retains International Advisory Council. Few of that council members are Mr Edward W(NED) Barnholt of Agilent Technologies, Mr John Allan of DHL Logistics, Sir John Rose of Rolls-Royce, Mr Ratan Tata of Tata Group and 8 other CEOs of world class companies.

Ratan Tata of Tata Group? Isn't the same Ratan Tata who came to Bangladesh with a mega proposal?

Bangladesh needs a fast forward approach for economic development. It should enlist Singapore's EDB to chart its economic development.

Follow Singapore's example. Bangladesh should not have any problem to find an optimum answer for its energy sector policy, air transit to and ultimately ground transit to India policy, port transit to India policy or deep see port policy.

For 37 years Bangladesh failed to chart an economic policy that could lead the country towards economic prosperity. The locals failed. It is time to enlist foreign agency like Singapore's EDB.

Carmel, California

My 7 days in NYC

Bangladeshi taxi drivers stuffed their stomachs with food in Alauddin in J Hts and Ghoroa in 169th St. of Jamaica after the end of their night shift. Tired and ready to hit their beds, I did not hear them talking politics. I guess their hard NYC lives gave a silent message, "it's economy, stupid."

I overheard few Bangladeshi people talking about the arrested political leaders over cups of tea. The restaurant owners are tolerant to these types of customers who occupy the tables with just tea. After all, at dinner time they will buy their regular dinner from Alauddin and Ghoroa. So, why bother these captive customers? Capitalism is working very well in Jackson Heights.

Alauddin got few citations and was heavily fined few times by the NYC health department due to their unhygienic food handling. I saw a young food handler behind the counter throwing away a broken piece of Bengali sweet in the garbage because it was not presentable. I guess, Bengalis work well when rules and punishment are well defined.

I did not see any political slogans, any political gathering. Bangladeshi media seem to exaggerate the political noise coming out of the NYC.


Carmel, California

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