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Bangla Font / Unicode Help

On Ami Bangladeshi, we use Unicode to write Bangla. If you cannot read Bangla clearly, we suggest that you download and install Avro Keyboard application. After that, come back to, and you will be able to read (and write) Bangla without any trouble. Please make sure to follow the instructions while installing Avro Keyboard application. In addition, we recommend you to download and install Solaiman-Lipi true type font to view Bangla clearly. Solaiman-Lipi maps Bangla Unicode and gives it thicker and richer look.

Please click on the image or link below to download Avro Keyboard

Avro Keyboard

Avro Keyboard

For more Bangla font related issues and solutions, please visit:



Wait a minute! Before you go further, try Google Transliteration to type in Bangla. It is very easy to use!

Please click on the following link to write Bangla phonetically. Write your messages, blogs or comments using this browser based writer and then copy and paste it.

Take a look below at the character map. It shows you the key map to every character. You just press them and you will see bangla as output. As this is phonetic, you have to write "kars" after the character. Here are some examples:

= mukhosh
= Ami

remember, phonetic bangla is case sensitive

How to write Conjunctions Phonetically?

Just add a "+" sign between that two character. see the following example

= ras+t+ro
= mos+To
= aor+ko

Phonetic Key Map

"Kars" and "Folas" for writing Phonetically